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Allison Williams dons shorts and a shirt with embellished sunglasses, in a very glam photo shoot. The actress covers Boston Common this month, and she talks about her famous father (Brian Williams) and her famous work colleague, Lena Dunham: “One of the major things is that sense of self. It does not need to be solidified forever, it’s not permanent, and that sense of yourself will continue to shift and flow throughout your life. And that’s okay. She’s helped me learn to embrace the gray area between black and white, which has been really wonderful.” Does Williams have any issued with being or not being perfect? “I’ve realized very slowly over the last five, six, seven years that it was a waste of my time trying to be the perfect version of myself. But it’s very hard when you live in a high-pressure academic culture. I was really trying to do everything right,” the 24 year old confesses.

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