Zoe Saldana Versace eyeglasses


Zoe Saldana does some shopping with a friend, wearing jeans and a fun printed top, as well as Versace eyeglasses in pink havana, cat eye shaped and super flattering. The frames are also available in lizard red, lizard violet and shiny black, if you’re interested. Saldana’s fashion sense wasn’t always what it is now, and she owes it to her stylist: “She would tell me about designers and I would go, ‘What?’ But then I started learning about them and putting them on, and she created a little monster,” the actress said about Petra Flannery. She continues: “I’ve been pushed so much with Petra, I wear pink now.” The 34 year old actress recently announced on Twitter that she’s supporting a new cause: Global Mom Relay. “Every time you share this tweet, $5 will go to empowering adolescent girls around the world #globalmom #jnj”, she tweeted.

Get the look: Versace VE3166 eyeglasses, $144.