There’s hot, and then there’s HOT. Actor Rob Pattinson is certifiably the latter. RPatz went from relative obscurity, most notably in a supporting role as Cedric Diggery in the third Harry Potter installment, to rocking the world of every teenage girl (and their moms) as the venerable Edward Cullen in the cult vampire francise, The Twilight Saga. The touseled hair, angular jaw, sultry eyes and lips, and adorable, shy, self-deprecating dispostion–wow-wee, is it gettin’ hot in here? When this Paparazzi magnet steps out, it’s usually in these iconic Ray Ban sunglasses — he effectively brought this retro style back to the top of the must-have shades list. The Ray Ban Clubmaster comes in a wide range of frame and lense colors. RPatz has taken a “big bite” out of Hollywood — and we couldn’t be happier.

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