Photo: Paramount Pictures

Man of the moment, Robert Downey Jr., wasn’t always on top of the world. An insanely talented actor who rose to star status in the 80’s as a member of the illustrious, John Hughes films-induced “Brat Pack,” he garnered critical acclaim in movies like Less than Zero and Charlie Chaplin. After hitting a rough patch due to drug-addiction, the come-back kid got his groove back with a vengeance, starring in films like Sherlock Holmes, winning a Golden Globe for his effort, Tropic Thunder (Academy Award nominee), and the blockbuster hit Iron Man francise, in which his charisma as Tony Stark is mesmerizing. Speaking of which, RDJ rocked these ultra-cool Ray Ban 3320’s in the IM flick. Choose from four sleek metal finishes. It was a wild ride, but  he’s back and king of the box office.

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