You’d be hard-pressed to find a more famous teen pop band than the JoBros. Once they boarded the Disney train, there was no looking back. The concerts, TV shows and movies, merchandise, charity work and celibacy rings make more headlines than Obama’s history-making policy efforts. They create a riotous frenzy of crazed teenage girls everywhere they go, reminiscent of Beatle-mania (they’re retro style feeds into it, too). Nick can be singled out as the cute and talented one. He writes the songs, plays all the instruments, and his more quiet, deep and contemplative dispostion makes him insanely sexy. He goes effortlessly classic in Ray Ban aviators, a perfect compliment with his wool scarf,  peacoat and adorable volumized wavy locks. Ray Ban’s large aviators come in a bevy of frame and lens combos. Ahem, mouths closed, girls.

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