These days, the female super model designation seems to be a dime a dozen–from Klume, Refaeli and Kerr to Bündchen, Valleta and Kurková. But the boys category is a whole other beast. You’ve got to really possess god-like features to be deemed a male super model and become a household name–hence the man who defines the title: Tyson Beckford. He’s got it all-his perfect (and insanely bankable) eyes, cheekbones, lips and chiseled physique defy human flaws.  He’s best known as THE Ralph Lauren model, but he’s taken to the big and small screen having appeared in movies like Zoolander and his current hosting gig on Bravo’s “Make Me a Supermodel” (yes girls, he can speak, too!). He rocks these red-hot DSquared2 shades like a true style maven. They come in four ultra-glam frame hues. When you’ve got it like Tyson, you’ve got to flaunt it –and get paid handsomely for it.   –rpuccia

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