Photo: Wenn

Taylor, best known as the insanely-ripped-ab werewolf, Jacob, in the Twilight series, has teens screaming his name far and wide. But it’s his baby-faced, boyish charm, toothy grin, and humble disposition that sets him apart from the pack. ‘Cuz there’s a lot to brag about. He came from relative obscurity (OK, you may or may not have seen the Robert Rodriguez kids’ flick “Shark Boy & Lava Girl”) to super-stardom when he pumped up (and lost the cheesey long wig) for the second installment of the Twilight series, “New Moon.” And with the third film “Eclipse” in theaters this week and Team Jacob on the heels of Team Edward, it’s safe to say that the girls likey a lot. He looks hot hitting the streets in these Ran Ban Caravan shades. Down, girls…   –rpuccia

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