When you’re talking box office receipts, Julia’s star power is downright blinding. Lighting up the screen in the 1990 romantic comedy “Pretty Woman” (grossed $464 million worldwide) was just the beginning for this gorgeous mother of three with the iconic toothy grin. She gave an Academy Award-nominated performance in “Steel Magnolias” and then actually brought a golden man home for Best Actress for 2001’s “Erin Brockovich.” Her subsequent films, which include romantic comedies like “My Best Friend’s Wedding,”  “Notting Hill,” Runaway Bride,” “Valentine’s Day” and crime dramas “The Pelican Brief” and “Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve,” have collectively brought in box office receipts of over $2.4 billion. Yep, that’s with a “B”… cha ching. And she’s about to add to this mind-blowing total with her newest film, “Eat, Pray, Love,” which opens this week. She shines in classic-chic, wear-with-everything, Ray Ban Caravan shades–available in four fierce metal frame colors. This pretty woman has no problem bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan. –rpuccia

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