Mike The Situation Sorrentino - Carrera - Carman 2/S

Photo: Getty

Skeptics take note. Mike (a.k.a. The Situation) Sorrentino is capitalizing big time on his “15 minutes.”  The Hollywood Reporter just got the “sitch” on his finances: the 29-year-old stands to earn upwards of $5 million by 2011 and more than $10 million overall by this time next year. Now that can buy a boat load of tanning sessions! How you ask? The MTV Jersey Shore reality star who spawned a nation-wide frenzy on “Situation”-related puns, gets close to $60K an episode, event-appearance fees from $15K-$50K, and a percentage (reportedly in the double-digits) on all MTV “Shore”-related projects and swag. But wait, there’s more. Based on his much-touted six-pack, he has developed an abs-focused fitness video, “The Situation Workout,” and chewable-supplement line with GNC. He’s signed on to endorse a new top-shelf vodka line that boasts another six-figure payday plus partial ownership. And, of course, he has a “GTL” (gym/ tanning/ laundry) app and a rap song on iTunes. It doesn’t stop there. He has further endorsements with Vitaminwater and Reebok and he’s even partnered with Gotham Books to pen his autobiography, “Here’s the Situation,” which a source said earned him a six-figure advance. Whew, not bad for a guy who spent his pre-“Shore” days as an assistant manager of a Staten Island fitness center and nights shaking his money-maker as a member of an exotic dancing revue, “All American Male.”  These Carrera shades are just the statement The Situation wants to make–all rockstar with a dash of sporty chic.  Gotta hand it to the guy, he’s stretched his 15 minutes of fame to at least 17. Fuggedaboutit.  –rpuccia

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