Jaden Smith and Ray-Ban RB2143 Wayfarer II Sunglasses Photograph

Photo: Coolspotters.com

Coming from the loins of two of the most famous and talented actors in Hollywood has got to have some perks, right. When you’re 12-year-old Jaden Smith–son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith–those perks included a starring role in one of this summer’s top-grossing films, the remake of 1984’s Karate Kid. And don’t get us wrong, he’s not all about sitting back and being handed the brass ring–he’s got some real acting chops. He made his film debut in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happiness, also starring dad, Will. He scooped up an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance for the role. Jaden also seems to have inherited his dad’s musical talent, lending his rapping skills alongside Justin Bieber in the title track for the Karate Kid film “Never Say Never.”  It’s no surprise that he’s a bit of a mini style maven, as well–love it when he unbraids his signature corn-rows revealing a wild, explosive coif of curls. He takes the red carpet in these ultra-hip two-tone Ray Ban Wafarer II sunglasses–available in three frame colors/prints.  A star is born.   –rpuccia

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