Famke Janssen 2009-11-24 - dines at a West Village hot spot Bar Pitti

Photo: Coolspotters.com

Actress Famke Janssen is probably best known for her unusual name (means “little girl” in her native Dutch) and her role as Dr. Jean Grey/Phoenix in the blockbuster X-Men film series. But we can’t forget her as the seductive and manipulative life coach, Ava Moore, in the wildly popular FX television series Nip/Tuck. Famke’s flawless beauty is undeniable–her resume also includes former Bond girl (Golden Eye) and model for luxe fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. She’s not all beauty–she’s got brains, too, having studied literature at Columbia University.  Here, her modern-chic style shines through in these ultra-glam Christian Dior shades–one of the line’s bestselling, star-studded styles. The Glossy 1 comes in nine frame colors to match just about any outfit, any day of the week. Gorgeous on all fronts.  –rpuccia

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