You’d never know it given her role as the gorgeous and priviledged Blair Waldorf, the top rung of Constance Billard School’s social scene on the CW hit Gossip Girl. But Leighton actually comes from humble, albeit scandalous, beginnings. She was literally born in prison while her mom served time for her involvement in a drug ring that smuggled marijuana to the U.S. from Jamaica. Pretty zany, huh? But we just love how she didn’t let this hold her back from becoming¬† a queen of the small screen, landing roles on popular shows like NBC’s Law & Order, CSI: Miami, 24, House, and Entourage before hitting the jackpot with Gossip Girl. She’s all glam in these Marc Jacobs shades, which come in two delish frames colors. You can catch her on the big screen next in the upcoming movies Country Strong, The Roommate, The Oranges and Monte Carlo.¬† –rpuccia

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