Photo: Media

Poor Heidi Montag is whining to anyone that’s willing to listen, and when we say poor we mean it—literally! The newly-reunited Speidi has blown through $10 million and is even considering filing for bankruptcy. Looks like that $35,000 a month Malibu pad didn’t quite work out the way they’d planned, because Heidi and her on-again fame-hungry husband Spencer Pratt are living in his parents’ guest house.

The former MTV “stars” owe millions in back taxes, which isn’t exactly a shocker considering they spent tons of loot on cars, private jets and Heidi’s failed music career, not to mention her multiple plastic surgeries. Hopefully she still has this stylish pair of Ed Hardy sunglasses somewhere in the mix, because they really do look dazzling with her California tan and super-blonde hair.

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