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Lindsay Lohan’s making headlines yet again, but is it really all that newsworthy? Everyone’s gotten used to her tumultuous ups and downs with drugs, rehab and jail. Her latest escapade involves a battery investigation—supposedly Lindsay missed her curfew at the Betty Ford Center, refused to take a breathalyzer test, fought for control over two phone lines and called an employee a couple of things we can’t mention here during a scuffle. The employee has accused LiLo of attacking her and spraining her arm, but Lindsay’s claiming that things were the other way around— that the worker grabbed her and pushed her. The worker has already been fired for accepting cash to tell her tale, so who knows what to believe? Despite the crazy whirlwind that she calls her life, you’ve gotta admit that Lindsay certainly knows how to look good in oversized sunglasses. These Fendi shades are perfect for a day at the beach or an afternoon shopping. You can get em in Beige, Black, Bordeaux or Havana.

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