Ahh the hazards of being an international sex symbol with women throwing themselves at you from every turn. Usher certainly learned firsthand at his New York City concert last week. The smooth-operating crooner brought an ecstatic female fan onstage for a serenade of his sensual song “Trading Places” at Madison Square Garden, sat her on a couch and got up-close and personal. Maybe, a bit too close ‘cuz the overexcited fan tried to move her leg to get EVEN closer to him and ended up knocking him right in the nose with her stiletto boot heel. Owee! The fan tried to smooth things over by massaging Usher’s face, but there was no need: Usher wasn’t hurt and even cracked a joke about it. What a good sport, and a complete hottie in these sporty Carrera Safari sunglasses available in six frame hues.  –rpuccia

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