Last month, NBC’s Wonder Woman reboot cast its superheroine with Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki stepping into Lynda Carter’s invisible plane and buzz on the superhero show quickly shot through the roof. But when fans got a look at the recently released photos of Adrianne in the “updated” WW costume, excitement quickly turned to outrage. The anger stemmed from Wonder Woman’s shiny, rubber-like pants and sky-high heels which resembled a cheap version of a “sexy” Halloween costume. Fans cried out–this is no way for a superhero, especially one of the most beloved of all time–to dress. The blogosphere immediately went into cynical overdrive and there was even speculation that the show would be canceled due to the ill-fated costume choice.

Well, apparently the producers of the show were listening. Some photos of Adrianne filming on set just surfaced last week, and eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted the changes to Wonder Woman’s duds. The shiny pants have been replaced by a more natural-looking, matte fabric. And her boots were transformed from stilettos to a more “practical” heel height. The red bustier and trademark tiara and lasso of truth remained intact. Time will tell if these modest changes to Wonder Woman’s threads have a positive effect on the show when it premieres on NBC this fall. Lynda Carter–who played Wonder Woman in the beloved (and campy) TV show from way back when–is excited about the show and even liked the original outfit, saying: “What’s not to like! Adrianne looks gorgeous.” Here Adrianne is SoCal chic in True Religion skinny jeans, tank and Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators.