Ashley Greene may look like a goddess, but be sure to insert the word domestic in front of it—this babe loves to spend time in the kitchen! The 24-year-old Twilight hottie recently revealed to MTV that she loves cooking with her friend Kellan Lutz, who’s also her co-star. “Me and Kellan get excited sometimes, and we’re like, ‘Let’s just buy everything! We’re going to cook every night,’ Ashley said, “Not like we’re going to be at work, you know what I mean?” She told MTV that so far she’s tried making chicken, homemade mojito and pumpkin soup. “We just got recipes and kind of mixed it up,” she said of her endeavor with Kellan.

In addition to playing chef, Ashley’s also using her fame to help spread a message. She has signed on as a celebrity spokesperson for Glamour magazine’s Tell Somebody campaign, which encourages young women around the world to tell somebody if they or someone they know is in an abusive relationship. Seen here sporting a pair of D&G sunglasses, Ashley got on camera to record a public service announcement, stating that “Dating violence affects all kinds of women. Young, old, educated, powerful, rich, poor … nearly one in four women are physically assaulted or raped by their partners. Tell somebody.”

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