Poor Halle Berry! The Oscar winning actress has been in Spain, where she’s filming the upcoming historical science fiction movie Cloud Atlas, and the press just reported that she fell on the property where she’s staying and broke her foot. Rumor has it that Halle heard a crack! before she felt the pain and was taken to the hospital where her foot was placed in a cast. The paparazzi snapped pics of her being escorted out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

Cloud Atlas, which is based on the 2004 novel of the same name by British writer David Mitchell, is tentatively slated for an October 2012 release. Its impressive ensemble cast includes Halle herself, Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon, and other notable actors.

Unfortunately, even if you’re Halle Berry, the show must go on, which is why sources say that the current plan is to film around Halle’s injury for the time being by shooting her from the waist up, using a stunt double, and shooting scenes for the movie in which she doesn’t appear. She was seen here looking absolutely delicious in a pair of elegant rectangular Versace sunglasses, which could probably cheer just about anyone up—broken foot or not. They’re available in light brown frames with brown gradient lenses and shiny black frames with gray lenses.

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