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Undeniably hunky Darren Criss tackled the lead role of Harry Potter in the musical productions A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, but he currently portrays openly-gay high school student Blaine Anderson on the Fox hit Glee. This hottie “Warbler” might seem like an overnight sensation, but Darren began taking violin lessons as a child and eventually mastered the guitar, cello, piano, mandolin, and drums as well. Oh, and let’s not forget voice—this boy can sing! He was in the school orchestra and performing arts program during his years at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory school, where he won the Theater Arts Leadership Award and Fine Arts Plaque Award in 2005. He followed up with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Theater Performance from the University of Michigan in 2009. Darren’s smooth singing can be heard on the Glee soundtrack—the first song he performed on the show, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, hit number one on Billboard’s digital sales chart after selling over 200,000 singles in its first week—but he’s also signed with Sony Music Entertainment, so all you Gleeks out there will be glad to know that he’ll be recording a full-length album.

Darren is often photographed sporting his favorite signature pink Ray Ban sunglasses, and he’s reportedly told the media, “Anyone can pull off pink sunglasses!” His character Blaine has even worn them on Glee. Wayfarers are a great choice for guys and girls, and if you’re not a fan of pink, don’t worry—they’re available in a kaleidoscope of colors.

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