Even the gorgeous Jessica Biel has regrets. Most notably, according to her cover interview in the latest issue of Elle mag, is losing The Notebook role to Rachel McAdams. (Can you picture anyone else but Rachel in that role, though?) “That’s one that I wanted so badly,” Biel admits in Elle. “I was in the middle of shooting Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I auditioned with Ryan Gosling in my trailer — covered in blood. Director Nick Cassavetes put me through the wringer in an interesting, excitingly creative way. But there’s a million that get away. We’re gluttons for punishment. It’s just rejection.”

We’re sure Jessica doesn’t see much rejection given her movie line up in 2011. Next up is her starring role in the Garry Marshall rom-com New Year’s Eve out Dec. 9, and she has a slew of other movies in production including a remake of Total Recall, for which she put her buffed-out physique to good use in this action film opposite Colin Farrell. (Can’t imagine the film without Arnold and Sharon, but let’s keep an open mind.) As for reports that Jessica’s back together with on-again/off-again/maybe-on-again boyfriend Justin Timberlake, she teases: “A girl doesn’t kiss and tell.”(Aw, c-mon!) She does say he’s in no rush to become a wife — or Mrs. Timberlake — anytime soon. Or have kids, for that matter.”Sure, of course I plan to have children,” she says. “And, yeah, I think probably at some point it would be something I’m interested in. But I don’t feel pressured. She goes on to say that she’s never been one one of those girls who dreamt of her wedding and Prince Charming. “To piss off my mom, I used to say, ‘I’m never having kids, and I’m going to be a fabulously rich old maid living in a house with cute butlers and dogs.” Sounds like a plan, and she could totally pull it off, especially in fab cat-eye Prada shades like these, available in 5 chic frame hues.  –rpuccia

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