Liv Tyler Ray Ban

Photo: sunglasses shop

In turquoise Wayfarer sunglasses and a plaid shirt, Liv Tyler looks youthful and casual. The actress attended the premier of The Hobbit in New York last week together with Elijah Wood, as both of them have been part of the initial cast in Lord of the Rings. The first film of the new trilogy, “An Unexpected Journey” is officially released today, to the joy of fans worldwide. Tyler’s own Robot & Frank (also starring Susan Sarandon) was released this September, while her latest gig in The Side Effect is currently in post-production, with an intriguing tagline: “Pharmaceutical medicines are tested in outer space”. The 35 year old former model has been divorced since 2004, and has an 8 year old son, Milo. She told the press that she’s too sensitive for casual dating, so her love life remains a mystery to most of her fans.

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