Lana del Rey


Photographed here by Terry Richardson for T Mag in aviator glasses and a white tee, Lana del Rey is no stranger to the fashion world. Her perfectly crafted persona became a fashion icon for women all over the world, while songs like “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” makes everybody hum the lyrics. The singer covers the February issue of Madame Figaro, wearing a hippie inspired look, and she’s called a “divine diva” by the magazine. “As a child, I feel different. I always wanted to make my life a work of art,” del Rey told Madame Figaro. The 26 year old speaks about difficult times in her life: ” I started drinking at 14. Anything I had at hand, every day”, and she continues: “When you don’t drink, it’s very hard to party”. Hopefully, her self-destructive days are over, because the singer is a row model for many young girls. Her own model? Angelina Jolie: “Like her, I don’t believe there’s anything to fame itself. But you can use it in the service of an ambition, such as raising money, for example (…). We’ve opened two centers, one in Los Angeles and one in New York, to create a think-tank dedicated to durable development and ecological innovation”, the H&M model continued.

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