Ray-Ban Caravan

Photo: coolspotters.com

Andrew Garfield is such a hottie in his plaid shirt, jeans and Ray Ban sunglasses! The actor will face Paul Giamatti in The Amazing Spider Man 2, which will premiere in May 2014. By his side as always will be girlfriend Emma Stone, whom he met on the set of the first movie. The two clicked from the very beginning: “There was an intense connection with Andrew the first time we met,” said the actress. “The final audition – where they had me in full costume and hair to shoot scenes with Andrew – convinced me to take the part.” And it’s so great that she did, I mean just look how cute they always are together! The couple recently bought a dog together – which is the first step towards a very serious relationship – and we truly hope things work out between them! Besides Spiderman, Garfield doesn’t have any other films in plan for now.

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