Rihanna in Fendi sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

In this older picture, Rihanna dons short hair and Fendi sunglasses with ease. And speaking of the past, we can’t help but wonder what feelings did the Grammys trigger for the young singer. Just four years ago, neither Rihanna nor her then boyfriend, Chris Brown, could attend the awards, after the infamous domestic violence incident took place just one night before. Last night, Rihanna looked absolutely dashing, and all the publications put her on the best dressed list: a stunning red gown, with matching lipstick and her wavy, caramel colored hair down. She rested her head on Brown’s shoulder for pictures, and they both smiled like nothing ever happened. After months of Instagram pictures and revealing interviews, it looks like the two really are a couple. Rihanna told Rolling Stone that if she’s making a mistake, it is hers to make. Meanwhile, Brown started off the Grammys on the wrong foot, with a car accident right the night before. “Little bit of bumps, I’m good though,” he said, continuing that his insurance is good and he’ll get another car. He blames the paparazzi for the crash – who else?

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