Elle Fanning glasses

Photo: tumblr.com

Elle Fanning is known for her cheeky choice in eyewear, from the colorful round styles to these embellished cat eye glasses. Given that she’s still so young, everything she wears works! The 16 year old actress is featured in Vogue this month, and she tells the magazine that she feels her role in Ginger & Rosa matured her. Everyone she worked with for her movies have good things to say about the pretty blond. Sally Potter, for example, says: Elle can surrender to a scene in an extraordinarily interior and intelligent way. At the end of a take, she would look up at me for approval and love with this radiant smile.” Cameron Crowe, whom she worked with on We Bought a Zoo, says: When she finished her scenes she would literally skip through the set singing. People working on the movie, even the ones going through a bad day, would stop just to watch her.”

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