elizbeth banks in prada sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Elizabeth Banks checks her phone on the street, wearing a pair of rolled up skinny jeans with peep toes, a denim shirt and a pair of pink Prada sunglasses. The actress recently spoke about the general obsession with “post-pregnancy bodies”. However, Banks doesn’t really have such issues, since she didn’t give birth herself: “The fact that we were able to have our own children, despite the fact that my womb basically doesn’t work, is amazing to me,” she said about her two kids. She continues: “I like to believe that if I had carried my own baby, I would have bounced back. But who knows? And by the way, it’s such a horrible — women should not be expected to bounce back … it’s a, I think, a true disservice what’s going on right now with all these celebrity moms … first of all, I just want to remind people that celebrities generally are genetically superior human beings on a certain level anyway … they’re mostly thin, you know, they got trainers, they work out, they’ve got money, they’ve got the ability, you know, and they are normally genetically predisposed to being thin people anyway, so like these women who are holding up, you know, certain people as their benchmark after they’ve had a child, like just go be with your kid for a minute … don’t get to the gym right away. It’s alright. This is not how it’s supposed to be, everybody. Calm down.”

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