Jessica Alba in versace sunglasses


Jessica Alba is all bundled up in a white winter jacket and beanie, with a Gucci bag and Versace sunglasses. The actress recently discussed her Escape From Planet Earth character, saying that they’re not really alike. What do they have in common? “Nothing! That was the funnest part about playing her… I think we all want to be loved, even villains, and this alien has obviously never been lucky with men so she felt the need to find one on another planet. [She] was even willing to sacrifice her own planet, which to me is another reason to think she’s crazy. And I don’t feel I am that crazy! ” says Alba, who is married to producer Cash Warren. She continues: “I think my only preparation [for playing the character] was reading stories to my daughters. When I do it I can use many accents for each character, use deep voices, scream. The location of the production also played a part, it was something I had never considered before being a mom, and now that I am, if I see that a film is being shot for eight months in a very remote place, then I think twice.”

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