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Michelle Williams and her daughter, Matilda, do some grocery shopping and family time. The actress picked jeans and a denim shirt, with a layered sweater and double breasted coat to complement her pixie cut and Ray Ban sunglasses. The Oz The Great and Powerful actress opened up about her role in this movie, mentioning: “I knew the moment that I met Sam that it wasn’t really going to be that different from other experiences that I’ve had.  He is a consummate family man and he makes his sets like little homes.  It feels very cozy and safe, and it feels like all of your ideas are welcome, even the bad ones.  That’s the way I’ve grown accustomed to working, and that I like working.  I had that with Sam.  I think we all really had that with Sam.  The thing that I’d never experienced before was a director with an unflagging sense of humor like Sam.  He really taught me a lot about how to keep your chin up.  When the day is long and things aren’t going quite as you had planned them out in your head, Sam is there with a smile, a hand and a joke.  He really taught me a lot about keeping a good face and not getting down on yourself.She also mentions that one of the best things about playing a witch is making little girls smile when they pass her by.

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