tina fey eyeglasses

Photo: womenshealthmag.com

Tina Fey is her charming self in a pair of red acetate eyeglasses and a cute pendant necklace. The actress graces the cover of the April issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, and she speaks about her female row models: “I was born in 1970, which was a somewhat lucky time. As a kid the message was all ‘Free to be…You and Me.’ There was so much public talk about girls doing anything, girls playing Little League! Then we rolled all that into the Spice Girls. Of course now our empowerment is kind of twisted. It’s like, ‘Girls can do anything! You can profit from your own sex tape.’ She also talks about interviewing for Princeton, and not having the right fashion polish or adventurous spirit to get in. Instead, she went to the University of Virginia, which, in the end, turned great. The comedian continues: “Humor is a great coping mechanism in real life. I know things are getting stressful if I lose my sense of humor in any situation.”

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