emily vancamp in ray ban sunglasses

Photo: justjared.com

Emily VanCamp is out for a stroll with her boyfriend, Josh Bowman, and she picked a casual, all black outfit for the occasion: skinny jeans, a graphic t-shirt, ankle boots, a biker jacket, leather handbag, Ray Ban sunglasses and a messy top bun. The actress and her beau were spotted having lunch in Los Feliz, and they appeared to be having a great time. ‘He loves that I get frustrated – he thinks it’s adorable when I make a ‘cross face’. I can’t be cross for long because he just makes me laugh,’ she said in an interview. VanCamp is currently covering Marie Claire Australia, accompanied by two huge Dobermans, and she opens up about having kids and a family: ‘A lot of my friends are having babies and getting married. I compare myself to my mother, who already had two kids at my age. But I work so hard that, right now, Revenge is my baby and it’s giving me the same amount of sleep deprivation having a child would!’As for her character, Thorne, she says: ‘I’m not sure she’ll ever find true happiness. She lives and feeds off this monster plan she has (…) She’s a sort of antihero everybody loves. She has this sociopathic behaviour yet she definitely has a heart. One of her greatest flaws in this quest for revenge is that she cannot separate what she’s doing from her feelings.’

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