james mcavoy ray ban

Photo: tumblr.com

James McAvoy covers his blue eyes in a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, but he makes sure his shirt and tie and both blue for the event – just in case. In his latest feature for Esquire magazine, however, we get to enjoy his beautiful eyes in all of their glory, as the 33 year old answers a few questions. For example, he admits he’s a geek: “I am a nerd but I don’t dive head-first into any fiefdom of nerdiness, except for maybe Star Trek.” His new movie, Welcome To The Punch, is a bit different than what’s usually done in Britain: “Don’t get me wrong. I love British cinema, but there’s also a place for ostentatious, balls-out entertainment.” He continues: “Big year, really, for me, in terms of getting to play somebody that challenges the audience more than I have done in the past. As an actor, you’ve got to try and make the audience like you, even if you’re doing bad things. I quite like that dynamic.”

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