emma stone ray ban sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Emma Stone takes the time to smell the roses, in a pair of slim jeans and a white sleeveless shirt, with Ray Ban sunglasses covering her eyes – but not her smile. The pretty face of the actress is on newsstands as we speak, on the cover of Company April 2013. She told the magazine that she’s planning to do something crazy to her hair, like cutting it short or dyeing it an unnatural color. But she can’t even decide between the two colors she usually wears: “When it’s blonde, I wish it was red. And when it’s red, I wish it was blonde. I would probably keep it blonde in real life just because blonde grows out better so it’s cheaper. But the studios pay for my hair changes, so that’s cool.” As for her pale complexion, Stone says she stopped fighting it. If, as a child, she’d try sunbathing or spray tans, she has now learned to embrace her very while skin.

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