kit harington


Kit Harington looks sharp in a dark suit and square aviator sunglasses, arriving at LAX airport with some of his Game of Thrones co-stars, including Emilia Clarke. The show’s third season premiere (on HBO on March 31st) was celebrated by the cast with a party at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Monday.  Harington had quite an incident last summer, which resulted into him falling from a few stories high and breaking an ankle. Of course, the filming of the third season had to go on… and it was not easy! “Everyone always says you must have done it on set horse riding or running across glaciers or something cool,” Harington says. “I was an idiot. The ‘invincibility of youth’ and all that. I couldn’t even blame it on a film set. And I had avoided skiing for ages because I thought I’d break my ankle!” The producers had to make sure his cast would never show, and that character Jon Snow could still get plenty of action scenes, as the script required. And what is snow up to this season? “He’s having to become a spy to go amongst Mance’s camp and find out when they’re planning to attack,” Harington reveals. “He has to convince the Wildlings that he’s not a spy, that he doesn’t want to be part of the Night’s Watch anymore. He faces a lot of suspicion. He has to continue to prove himself. Amongst that he has other tests that make him start to question whether he does want to be a part of the Night’s Watch. He has a lot of turmoil. It’s a very tempting way of life for him to join.”

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