jacob artist ray ban

Photo: teenidols4you.com

Topless and in Ray Ban sunglasses, Jacob Artist is every teen girl’s dream boy. The 20 year old Glee actor was featured in Da Man magazine this month, where he spoke about finding out he was cast in the hit Fox show: “I was actually sitting down for dinner with a group of friends when I got the phone call. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone until the next day, so I had to contain all this overwhelming excitement. It was probably the best acting I’ve ever done in my life because not one of my friends could tell something was up,” he said. Unlike his character on the show, Artist wouldn’t call himself a ladies’ man: “I don’t think anyone can be more of a ladies’ man than Jake Puckerman. If only I had that kind of game when I was in high school! Girls probably would have returned my phone calls more frequently.” We think they probably return his calls now…

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