Christina Hendricks sunglasses


Christina Hendricks and her husband, Geoffrey Arend, were spotted arriving at an LA airport earlier this week. Hendricks wore cat eye sunglasses with a fedora hat, and a casual combination of coat, jeans and flats. Hendricks was interviewed by Collider and spoke about her character on Mad Men: “I don’t know that she represents anything specifically for her era.  I think a lot of people if you said Joan, maybe the first think people would say is strength or confidence.  I think that is one of her wonderful attributes of the character, but I also think she has also shown an incredibly vulnerable side and a fragile side.  That is why I love playing her.” Hendricks said that she didn’t know what was going to happen on this season beforehand, which makes it interesting and exciting at the same time. She also mentions that, although the contract is for seven seasons, she wouldn’t mind doing more. Hope she’s a lucky charm, because who would mind more Mad Men?

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