jennifer aniston ray ban sunglasses


Jennifer Aniston rocks a strapless, printed maxi dress with aviator Ray Ban sunglasses and a numbered bag. The iconic actress was invited to Ellen this week, where she addressed the alleged Friends reunion, which is rumored to air on NBC in 2015. “Well, you’re hearing it here first…as am I,” Aniston told Ellen DeGeneres. According to Aniston, it’s Matthew Perry that started the rumor: “Did Matthew Perry start that?”, she jokes. “Cause he’s getting some good air time on this show I’ve been watching.” We think none of the actors would be busy enough to refuse such an offer. However, out of all the cast, Aniston would be the one entitled to say no – just look at this review that her director on Untitled Elmore Leonard Project gave her: “It’s the best work she’s ever done, and she’ll blow people away,” Daniel Schechter. “She’s so talented and I was crying while watching it. It’s just what people want to see her do.”

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