Austin Butler Ray Ban Sunglasses


Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted having lunch at Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills earlier this week. While hudgens wore a romantic baby doll dress with knee length lace-up boots and round sunglasses, Butler went for rolled up pants with brogues, Ray Ban sunglasses and a leather jacket over a white tee. The couple just recently returned from Coachella in Palm Springs, where the two have been spending their time cuddling and riding bumper cars. Butler told a magazine that he’s not very much like his Carrie Diaries character, Sebastian: “Well, we look a lot a like. That’s the worst jokes [laughs]. Our lives are very different. He comes from not a very loving family, but a very wealthy family who has sort of neglected him. I come from a very, loving supporting family, not very wealthy at all, very different in that way. I think that’s shaped him into this guy who puts up walls and protects himself from that pain of not being loved. I don’t have that so much. I don’t have many walls that I put up. So it’s kind of learning to do that for him.” We’re glad Butler is so much more of a nice guy than he appears on the show. Lucky Vanessa!

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