Jared Leto sunglasses

Photo: justjared.com

Jared Leto made an appearance for the premiere of his documentary, Artifact, wearing a black coat over a graphic tee, with boots and black sunglasses. The documentary is about his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, battling music label EMI in court. At the press conference that followed the screening, Leto also mentioned his latest movie, Dallas Buyers Club, and what method he used to lose weight. Hint: it’s not the good type. Leto said: “I got down to 116 or something. I just basically didn’t eat. I ate very little. I had done similar things with weight, but this was different. I think the role demanded that commitment…It was about how does that effect how I walk, how I talked, who I am, how I feel. You know, you feel very fragile and delicate and unsafe.” After all, the movie is about a HIV infected womanizer with a drug problem… So how else was he gonna get the look?

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