emilia clarke metallic sunglasses

Photo: okmagazine.com

Emilia Clarke gets off the car in a pair of skinny pants and heels, with an elegant black jacket and metallic sunglasses. The actress has just finished Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway, in which she played the iconic role of Holy Golightly, the final representation having been April 21st. But the gorgeous brunette is still going strong as one of the most adored characters in Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen. “Up until that moment, she’s relied on everybody else’s opinion to form her own because she didn’t know any better,” Clarke told Entertainment Weekly.  “She doesn’t have any experience to back up what she’s going to do, she just has her own gut. And everyone around her is assuming she will just give Drogon up — which is ridiculous for the mother of a child. It’s the biggest risk she’s ever taken in her entire life and there’s that moment of wondering whether the Unsullied are going to respect her. It’s the moment she becomes who she was always destined to be.” We’re excited to see what comes up next for her character – is it queendom? We hope so…

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