taylor swift ray ban shades

Photo: coolspotters.com

Taylor Swift is cute as ever in a peter pan collar animal print top, a burgundy skirt, flats and Ray Ban sunglasses. The singer recently released a new single, called “22”, but not everyone was as excited about it as her fans. Conan O’Brien, for example, has a totally different idea about what it’s like to be 22, and it’s nothing like Swift’s version. “When you’re 22, you’re not living in that apartment. You’re living in a crappy, $380/month apartment in Los Angeles. I didn’t see any ramen noodles in that video, cause that’s all you’re eating when you’re 22”, and he goes on for a few minutes, talking about his own experience at the age. However, it’s not what O’Brien thinks, but what the general opinion is: Swift just won eight Billboard awards last week: “You are the longest and best relationship I ever had,” she told the crowd, referencing all her heartbreak songs.

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