When you're a celebrity, having the same look all the time can quickly become boring. Fans want something new all the time – and unless you're Jennifer Aniston, you're gonna give it to them! Sure, there's the cases of Madonna and Lady Gaga, who are chameleons by nature. But we're not here to talk about them… Here are five celebrities that drastically changed their look, and prepare for some good news towards the end:

Victoria Bekham makeover

Victoria Beckham in 2007 and now.

5. Even though she was the poshest of the Spice Girls, it took Victoria Beckham a while to find her style. Back in 2007, when her blond asymmetrical cut was makes waves in the soccer mom crowd, she was wearing doubtful prints and deep cleavages. She grew her hair out, thankfully, she dyed it more naturally and she started dressing her new parts: mother and fashion designer.

Gwen Stefani makeover

Gwen Stefani in 1998 and now.

4. Gwen Stefani did a tremendous job as a lead singer for No Doubt, and her look in the 90s suited her: pastel hair, facial jewels, always a bare midriff. Even though she still likes to wear a bra in public once in a while, Gwen's style is clearly superior. Now pregnant for the third time, the singer/fashion designer usually goes for monochrome looks, and her platinum blonde hair is a signature.

kelly Osbourne makeover

Kelly Osbourne then and now.

3. It couldn't have been easy for Kelly Osbourne to grow up in the spotlight. During her teenage years, she rebelled as much as possible: she dressed a bit funny and had all sorts of hair colors and styles. More recently, the star decided to stick with lilac hair, she lost some weight and started dressing like a lady. No wonder she's on Fashion Police!
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Nicole Richie makeover

Nicole Richie then and now.

2. In her Simple Life days,  Nicole Richie had a healthy looking body, but an unfortunate choice of clothes and combination of hair and skin color. She evolved so much since then – she's almost unrecognizable as the ladylike woman in today's picture! Even though she kept her make-up style and tanned skin, Nicole looks feminine and elegant.

Miley Cyrus makeover

Miley Cyrus in 2010 and now

1. One of the most impressive changes was that of Hannah Montana… into the real Miley Cyrus. Who knew that underneath that innocent smile and deep voice hid a sex symbol? In just a few short years and with a simple hair chop, Miley became Terry Richardson's muse and one of the most controversial characters of today's music scene.

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