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CBS and Warner Bros. just announced their new star for the hit series Two and a Half Men: Ashton Kutcher. No, we’re not getting punk’d. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Ashton is taking over for Charlie Sheen, who was famously fired during a battle with the show’s producer over his erroneous behavior on and off the set. Creator Chuck Lorre and studio executives settled on the much-younger Ashton who beat out other Sheen replacement short-listers including Hugh Grant, Robe Lowe, Jeremy Piven and John Stamos. And apparently the finishing touches are being put on what is described as a “huge payday” for Ashton’s return to scripted television, best known for his role on Fox’s That ’70s Show. Since the end of  ’70s, he’s been focusing on feature films and TV producing.

Lorre and CBS execs couldn’t be more psyched to have the hunky actor on board, but they’re staying  mum on what sort of character Ashton will play or how he will be integrated into a show where Sheen’s character was the comic center. But Ashton took to Twitter promising:  “I can’t replace Charlie Sheen but I’m going to work my a– off to entertain the hell out of people.” Critics have weighed in on “the choice” saying the older makeup of CBS’ audience could prove difficult, but let’s face it, Ashton’s general hotness is timeless, and wooing a more “mature audience” doesn’t seem to be a problem for him (he was snapped up in a hot minute by cougar, Demi Moore). He’s hotter than ever in these classically stylish Tom Ford shades (yeow!).  –rpuccia

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