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Who's celebrating their birthday today?

Kate Winslet sunglasses

Kate Winslet in “Revolutionary Road”. Image c/o

Kate Winslet (38)

The actress was born in 1975, and has rose to fame with the role of Rose in Titanic. However, we were pretty smitten with her role in Revolutionary Road, where she reunited with Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie takes place in the 1950s, and Kate's wardrobe is divine: just have a look at those lovely cat eye sunglasses, so trendy with those tiny embellishments!

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Nicky Hilton Tom Ford

Nicky Hilton at the launch of “The Bandit”. Image c/o Getty Images

Nicky Hilton (30)

Paris Hilton's younger sister is no stranger to fame herself. She started two different fashion brands, she modeled, and she's had her fair share of gossip and paparazzi. Pictures here at a social event, the celebutante is wearing Tom Ford sunglasses, hoop earrings and a heart pendant.

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Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg poses all dressed up. Image c/o

Jesse Eisenberg (30)

Who knew Jesse Eisenberg shared the very same birthday? Both were born in 1983! The Social Network actor will be featured in no less than four movies this year – and what better way to celebrate a milestone bday?

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Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas of Good Charlotte on stage. Image c/o

Paul Thomas (33)

The bass player of Good Charlotte, Thomas turns 33 today. Even though he started out as a guitar player, he turned to bass when he was young. And that was a good thing to do – how else would he have landed a role in Not Another Teen Movie?

Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac as a cars salesman in “The Transformers.” Image c/o

Bernie Mac (d. 2008)

The comedian would have been 46 today, had he not died of sarcoidosis. Host of the Bernie Mac Show and having roles in major movies like Ocean's Eleven, The Transformers or Charlie's Angels, Bernie surely is missed to this day.

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