Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria looks a bit uncomfortable in this picture, but fortunately, the white top, red bag and Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses do her justice. The actress is just getting out of her salon, where she had her hair done. This same week, Longoria took to Twitter to raise an issue: “#iserve to help Latinas get a better education. Join me for National Day of Service on Saturday!” The National Day of Service honors Martin Luther King, and the Desperate Housewives actress takes example from the Obama family promoting this day. “It’s a very broken system,” Longoria says about the immigration system in The States. “I think Republicans are coming around to the idea that they’re going to have to compromise with the president on a lot of issues, immigration being one of them.” The Hispanic actress continued: “What I am hopeful about is that this administration, and particularly President Obama, sees that immigration is an economic issue. It’s also, for me, a humanitarian issue.”  Longoria was a co-chair for Obama’s reelection, and, of course, she was present at the inauguration party.

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