stephen moyer


Stephen Moyer dons a pair of Ray Ban aviators made of acetate as he strolls on the streets of West Hollywood. The 43 year old actor is married to Anna Paquin, and both of them star in True Blood, with season six premiering this summer.  About the new season of the acclaimed vampire show, co-star Joe Manganiello said: “This is Season 6 and the first couple scripts I read -– I think they’re doing a lot of stuff that they maybe held back on the past couple years. They’re pretty wild. I think it’s going to be a pretty wild season.” We wouldn’t have expected anything else! Moyer and Paquin recently became parents of twins, a boy and a girl, although their names haven’t been reveled to the press yet. They’re often seen strolling with their kids and they appear serene and happy.

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