Alicia Keys

Photo: everythingsunglasses

The new Blackberry is out today and none other than Alicia Keys is promoting it! It’s become a trend to have celebrity spokespersons, as we’ve recently seen Jessica Alba advertising for the Windows Phone. 32 year old Keys is the new creative director at Blackberry, and she stated: “I’m fascinated by technology. I’ve always wanted to work directly with a technology company. I wanted to do something where I could grow professionally and personally.” No longer content with just music, the “ Girl on Fire” singer wants to make things happen, and she started with this position at Blackberry. She admits to having used other smartphones in the past, but “Now we’re exclusively dating again, and I’m very happy,” she says. Keys was present at the Blackberry 10 launch event in New York, where she wore a tux and looked dashing. Pictured above, the singer is wearing a studded leather jacket and long earrings, with Carrera sunglasses.

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