Elizabeth Banks Versace sunglasses

Photo: socialite life

Elizabeth Banks grabs a drink to go in a knitted cardigan over a tunic, Versace sunglasses and a fedora. The actress recently talked to Marie Claire mag – which she covers in May – about making female-focused movies: “I try not to say, ‘Yeah, Bridesmaids opened the door to make more movies about women.’ I mean, did it? I don’t know, where are they?” But it’s not easy to work around a schedule when you’re in this field: “First of all, I have a home office. I have two kids, and it means I get to put them down for their naps and be the person they wake up to. When I’m actressing, which is my day job, and which I’m doing right now, I leave the house at 4:30 in the morning five days a week and I get home at 6, and hope to get two hours with them before they go to bed. So I’m slightly miserable about that.” Juggling a family and a career is never easy! Not to mention that Banks is interested in producing movies as well: “It’s all about managing people. You know, women in Hollywood, we don’t get action franchises and superheroes. The rom-coms that made Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon stars are out of favor right now—nobody is making them. In this business, if you are an ambitious person, you don’t wait for people to hand you opportunities. You have to make a way for yourself,” she says.

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