Avril Lavigne looks chic and pretty in a plaid dress with vintage style cat eye glasses. If we didn't know any better, we could even think this is a 1950s picture! The 28 year old singer just launched a video for her latest single, “Here's To Never Growing Up”. The video is prom themed, despite Lavigne's initial wish: “I had my own concept for this video. And then last minute, we changed it because the director came up with a concept and the concept was just ‘prom.’ And that was really it,” she told MTV. The idea came just as prom season is on it's way. Lavigne continues: “I thought, 'That's an awesome idea,' 'cause we can dress up, the band can be in cool tuxedos. That was way more fun than I anticipated.” Lavigne has co-written the song with her fiance, Chad Kroeger, whom she's about to marry – probably this year.

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