jessica chastain prada sunglasses


Jessica Chastain is chic in a black coat and matching cat eye Prada sunglasses, with a blue scarf contrasting with her red locks. The actress amazed the crowd at the recent Cannes Festival, where she wore Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry to introduce a screening of the restored 1963 Cleopatra movie. “”I said OK, something in my life is telling me this is meant to be. I was so inspired by that time and by that woman. She was an incredible actress and human being,” she said about taking the opportunity. The film was presented at its 50th anniversary, and Chastain even got to wear the engagement ring that Richard Burton gave Taylor, a beautiful emerald on platinum. “I would rather they not tell me what anything's worth. I don't have anything like this in my life. It would make me uncomfortable to know the value of what I was wearing,” Chastain said modestly.

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