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The couple are even done being friends, and they're not currently on talking terms.

Chris Brown & Rihanna at a sports game

Chris Brown & Rihanna having a blast at a sports game when they were still an item. Image courtesy of Splash News.

Gone are the days when Rihanna and Chris Brown were sipping on beers at the game. The couple are now officially split, once again. It looks like Brown is too busy to chase her and too young to settle down, which leaves Riri single once again. Sources claim that she was growing tired of him, too, so the break-up was consensual. Be that as it may, the couple are even done being friends, and they're not currently on talking terms. A source told Hollywood Life that the two stars are through, and are not planning on getting back together. We heard that before…

Rumors about their split appeared about a month ago, as the Umbrella singer complained about love in one of her concerts. Rihanna told her fans that she's in the “confused group” when it comes to understanding love. And even though Brown told the listeners of a radio show that he'll love Riri forever, he also said that he's too young to be “wife-ing” her.

Rihanna in Prada sunglasses

Rihanna is wearing embellished Prada sunglasses and a headscarf. Image via Tumblr.

While Brown is focusing on being himself and having fun, Rihanna is featured on Wale's Bad (replacing Tiara Thomas from the original song), and what she sings is rather naughty: “I’ll be good in bed but I’ll be bad to you,” the lyrics go. Pictured here, the singer is showing off her “Rebelle fleur” neck tattoo, wearing a headscarf, gemstone Prada sunglasses and a matching necklace.

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